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babyxyaoi's Journal

the princess

Something about me. I am 17 years old. I love books and anything that falls in the category of art. I Live in Canada B.C , I Love to design, graphic, icon, signature, header, anything you name it <3. I am a sucker for classical movie. and I am a geek which I think I am.

the fairytale

My Dream is to get into Emily Carr University <3 and Get a JOB ! I also have another goal, Collect over 1,000 books, novels. I Love to read books as I mentioned earlier, I want to travel the whole world. See everything this earth has. I want to explore.

parting words

I Wished I live my life to the fullest, and wasn't afraid of what will happen if I did live my life to the fullest without any regret.

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